Wooden 3in1 Digital Shape Board

Rs.2,995.00 Rs.3,550.00 -16% OFF

Wooden 3in1 Digital Shape Board

Rs.2,995.00 Rs.3,550.00 -16% OFF

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Product description

Wooden 3in1 Digital Shape Board


  • Ages 3+
  • Educational toy
  • Multi-functionality
  • White board feature
  • Logarithmic board
  • Interactive learning
  • Quality wood construction

About Product:

  • The inclusion of a whiteboard adds versatility to the toy, allowing kids to engage in drawing, writing, and other creative activities. It provides a reusable surface for artistic expression and learning.
  • The logarithmic board is a unique feature that introduces mathematical concepts in an age-appropriate manner. It can serve as an introductory tool for children to learn and understand basic mathematical principles.
  • The traffic theme of the board incorporates elements such as roads, vehicles, and traffic signs. This not only makes learning fun but also introduces kids to basic concepts related to transportation and road safety.
  • The toy serves multiple functions, combining the aspects of a whiteboard, logarithmic board, and traffic model. This multifunctionality adds value to the toy, providing a wide range of activities for children to explore.
  • Engaging with the board, whether through drawing or manipulating pieces related to the traffic theme, helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in young children.
  • The board encourages interactive learning by allowing children to move and place pieces related to the traffic theme. This hands-on approach enhances understanding and retention of concepts.
  • Built from quality wooden materials, the toy is durable and ensures longevity.
  • The incorporation of a traffic theme sparks imaginative play as children create scenarios involving roads, vehicles, and traffic situations. This imaginative aspect enhances creativity and storytelling during playtime.

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