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Mini Musical Phone For Kids Mini Musical Phone For Kids
Mini Musical Phone For Kids Rs.750.00 Rs.999.00
Mini Musical Phone For Kids https://www.toycompany.pk/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/Mobile-phone.mp4 Musical Phone toy is a Kids' Mobile Phone Cellphone with Light and Sound Music Toy. Cute shape, nontoxic material, comfortable hand feeling. Children’s Kids Mobile Phone Cellphone with Light and Sound Music Toy. Improve eye-hand coordination, arouse kids’ interest to learn music. Portable and lightweight, easy to carry. The different textures of the object, exercise baby hand tactile development. Musical Phone Toy helps baby to develop hearing ability and sound understanding. Good partner for language learning. Music and sounds stimulate baby's auditory skills. Encourages fine motor skills development, promotes creativity and imagination with role play fun.
-27% sale
Baby Toy Car Phone with Star Lights on Top Baby Toy Car Phone with Star Lights on Top
Baby Toy Car Phone with Star Lights on Top Rs.1,095.00 Rs.1,495.00
The toy car has star light projector mode, baby can look directly at the soft light. It doesn't like other projector's light is so strong. And it will play soothing music by default when projection light, but you could choose whether to play soothing music or not by pushing the "0" button. There are two modes of volume size for selecting according to different scenarios. We designed that the maximum volume will not harm the baby's listening development, but the volume is enough for the baby. And the rear wing is a detachable baby teething toy. This car phone toy is made of the best ABS material met international standards, please don't worry about the baby putting it into its mouth. Babies have the habit of falling, but we used the hard ABS material, so it won't be broken by the baby. This toy car has 4 modes by pushing the switching button to do. 13 buttons have different voices as mode 1; Mode 2 can spell the numbers from 0 to 9; Mode 3 lets the toy car become a toy phone; Mode 4 projects the starlight with music.
-20% sale
Pull Along Musical Telephone Car Pull Along Musical Telephone Car
Pull Along Musical Telephone Car Rs.1,980.00 Rs.2,445.00
Pull Along Musical Telephone Car ★The product comes with two different Features, 1. Telephone + 2. Car. ★This telephone car has amazing features that kids can move the car with a rope. ★Dial introduces numbers 0-9. It has tring tring voice. ★The toy set is designed with active sporty colors to stimulate the child’s senses, training the manual brain, interest training, parent-child communication, interactive toys, and Imaginative Skills Early role play as they pretend to talk. ★Non-toxic and 100% safe material for kids can play with it freely. This telephone car toy is perfect for a little boy and girl who can easily play with it. Color May Vary
-45% sale
Princess Musical Dream Phone With Strap Princess Musical Dream Phone With Strap
Princess Musical Dream Phone With Strap Rs.880.00 Rs.1,590.00
Princess Musical Dream Phone With Strap Music toy for toddlers. The colorful and amazing pattern makes it more attractive. Soft music and fun voice can not only stimulate the development of a baby's hearing but also inspire her curiosity. The smartphone comes with classic rhymes. Voice prompts improve your child’s imagination and encourage them to speak. Improves language capacity, hand-eye coordination, touch, and auditory development. Made of ABS Plastic material Non-Toxic with integrated design.
-22% sale
Intelligent Phone by Huanger Intelligent Phone by Huanger
Intelligent Phone by Huanger Rs.1,250.00 Rs.1,595.00
Intelligent Phone Can Be Easily Installed In The Stroller, Crib, Baby Car Seat Display Camera, Light, Touch Screen Buttons Animal Voices, Music, Volume & Conversation, Photograph 'Click' Sound, Call Voice, Funny Voice, E-Mail Sound, etc. Research Show That, The Sound Which Can Let The Baby Quit Down Is The First Sound Experienced By the Baby. Made From High Quality Non-Toxic Material. 100% Safe.
-57% sale
Kids Cute Shape Cordless Light & Musical Phone Kids Cute Shape Cordless Light & Musical Phone
Kids Cute Shape Cordless Light & Musical Phone Rs.695.00 Rs.1,590.00
Kids Cute Shape Cordless Light & Musical Phone Features:  Ages 3+ Kids fun mobile phone Colorful lights Imitation phone call Auditory recognition Hand-eye coordination Knowledge development Function switch key Portable & Cordless Color May Vary About Product: Age Appropriateness: Designed for children ages 3 and above, ensuring it is safe and suitable for young kids to use independently. Colorful Lights: One of its prominent features is its vibrant and colorful lights, which captivate children's attention and add an element of fun to their playtime experience. Musical Phone: This toy phone is not just a visual delight but also an auditory one, as it plays various tunes and melodies, enhancing the interactive play experience for children. Function Switch Key: The inclusion of a function switch key adds an element of interactivity and engagement, allowing children to toggle between different modes or features easily. Educational Value: Apart from being entertaining, this toy phone also offers educational benefits, such as helping children learn about cause and effect through the activation of lights and sounds. Fine Motor Skills: As children engage with the buttons and switches on the toy phone, they inadvertently develop and refine their fine motor skills, contributing to their overall physical development. Imaginative Play: The Kids Cute Shape Cordless Light & Musical Phone encourages imaginative play, allowing children to mimic adult behaviors such as making phone calls, which fosters creativity and role-playing skills. Safe Design: Constructed with children's safety in mind, this toy phone features rounded edges and non-toxic materials, ensuring a worry-free play experience for both kids and parents. Battery-Powered: Powered by batteries, this toy phone offers long-lasting entertainment without the hassle of frequent charging, making it a practical and enjoyable toy for children.
-30% sale
Cat Design Pull Along Musical Telephone Car For Kids Cat Design Pull Along Musical Telephone Car For Kids
Cat Design Pull Along Musical Telephone Car For Kids Rs.1,395.00 Rs.1,985.00
Cat Design Pull Along Musical Telephone Car For Kids Features: Ages 18m+ Cute cartoon cat design Dual functionality Musical telephone Pull along car Musical entertainment Dazzling lights Battery operated Color May Vary About Product: Safe to Play: Made of plastic material, no incisive edges, with polished , and burr free. Keep your child away from harm while playing happily. Sound Light: With integrated lights and sounds, which can increase interest in music and enhance the hand eye coordination of young children. Battery Type: Baby cell phone toy requires 2 x AA batteries, which is not included, which is very durable and can promote the healthy growth of children. Sound Quality: The sound quality of the phone toy is very high, which always pay attention to the decibel level and can protect the ears of kids. Educational Toy: You can use this baby phone toy to interact with children in their education and develop their imagination and communication skills. Adorable Cat Design: The pull along musical phone car features an adorable cat design that instantly appeals to children, making it a delightful addition to their toy collection. Variety of Sounds: With different sounds incorporated into the toy, such as melodies, animal noises, and interactive phrases, children are provided with a diverse auditory experience that sparks their imagination. Pull Along Feature: The pull along design allows children to take the toy with them wherever they go, promoting active play and exploration both indoors and outdoors.
-30% sale
Electric Transparent Gear Car With Light & Sound Electric Transparent Gear Car With Light & Sound
Electric Transparent Gear Car With Light & Sound Rs.1,740.00 Rs.2,485.00
Electric Transparent Gear Car With Light & Sound Features: Ages 3+ Size: 9* inches Transparent gear mechanism Dynamic sound Flashing top lights Bump & Go Interactive features Battery operated About Product: Designed for children aged 3 and above, making it a suitable toy for preschoolers. This toy car features a transparent casing that allows children to see the internal gears and mechanics in action, providing an educational glimpse into how the car operates. The car emits dynamic sounds, enhancing the play experience with auditory stimulation that captures children's attention and adds excitement. Equipped with flashing top lights, this toy car visually engages children, especially in darker environments, making playtime more vibrant and fun. The car includes a bump & go mechanism, allowing it to automatically change direction upon encountering an obstacle, promoting interactive and continuous play without manual intervention. The combination of lights, sounds, and movement creates an interactive experience that can entertain children while also encouraging them to explore cause-and-effect relationships. This car runs on batteries, providing portability and ease of use without the need for constant charging or power cords. The transparent gear mechanism can serve as an educational tool, helping children understand basic mechanical principles and how gears work together to produce movement.

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