Space Aircraft Drawing Projector Space Aircraft Drawing Projector
Space Aircraft Drawing Projector Rs.3,495.00
Space Aircraft Drawing Projector Project an image on the projector drawing board and then your child can draw along the picture, and then copy images onto paper. Children are naturally fond of graffiti, which can enable them to develop creativity in all aspects of creation. Drawing with Bright Colors: The drawing projector for kids can project clear patterns in various colors and comes with color pencils great for drawing, which will help improve children's color perception and encourage children to learn to draw. Safety & Easy to use: This kids projector drawing table was made of child-friendly material, designed with a smooth edge. Turn off the lights, turn on the painting projector, insert the pre-printed slides, and put down the footprints, then color the picture. It makes game time interesting and let your girls or boys busy for hours in the house. Made of high-quality ABS material, the projection drawing board is safe and not toxic, and the smooth edge and surface will not hurt your baby’s hand, which can be used with complete confidence. Learning & Creative Toys: This projection drawing board for kids can cultivate kids drawing skills and color from now on. This projector painting set for kids can enhance each child's drawing and fine motor skills when copying images onto paper. This kid's painting toy playset can make your little artist show their own artistic style. Best Gifts for 3 years old and up: Projector painting for kids is a fun and relaxing way of painting! It is a perfect holiday gift, birthday gift, or Christmas gift for boys, Girls, and Toddlers. Give Your Children A Surprise!
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Tortoise Spirograph Drawing Toy Tortoise Spirograph Drawing Toy
Tortoise Spirograph Drawing Toy Rs.2,250.00 Rs.2,495.00
Tortoise Spirograph Drawing Toy Perfect Gift: A kid painting ruler kit is an ideal choice for you and your children to participate in parent-child activities. It is also the best holiday gift for your children. Hand-Eye Coordination: Exercise children's logical thinking ability, cultivate children's brain skills, and promote children's senses such as hand-eye coordination. Draw Different Patterns: Draw a hemming curve, turning mathematics into beautiful art. Through different arrangements and organizations, you can draw many patterns. Creativity Gameplay: When the blank paper is used up, we can configure the model section. Use A4 paper to cut out new paper for your baby to play with. Popular Art Tools: Use the kid painting ruler kit, a classic art tool, to create fascinating patterns, which are loved by many people.
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Magic Practice Notebooks for PreSchool - Pack of 4 Magic Practice Notebooks for PreSchool - Pack of 4
Magic Practice Notebooks for PreSchool - Pack of 4 Rs.995.00 Rs.1,250.00
Magic Practice Notebooks for PreSchool - Pack of 4 Material & Function Reusable Magic calligraphy is made of thick paper, no-curl uses a groove design, and the writing will disappear automatically after drying, therefore, the book can be used repeatedly for a long time, helping children write beautiful words and numbers in English. Contains 26 English letters, daily words, numbers from 0 to 100, addition and subtraction. Bright colors and cute shapes, can improve the recognition of letters, numbers, colors, and shapes, exercise simple calculation skills, and increase memory. STANDARD & COMFORTABLE WRITING With this English Groove Copybook notebook, kids will use pens to move along paths and draw different shapes, so they develop their fine motor skills. This will engage their minds and increase their reading and writing skills. Product size: includes 4 notebooks, 1 automatic erasing pen, 1 silicone pen holder, and 5 refills. Each writing book is approx. 7.8 x 5.4 inches, normal size is suitable for carrying and storage, please check the size before ordering. Good Tool for Early Education: Magic practice book for children on birthdays, Christmas, and New Year, allowing children to enjoy a happy childhood.
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Scratch Notebook With Wooden Stick Scratch Notebook With Wooden Stick
Scratch Notebook With Wooden Stick Rs.195.00 Rs.350.00
Scratch Notebook With Wooden Stick A unique and creative stationery item that combines the tactile experience of traditional writing with a modern twist. It offers users a novel way to jot down their thoughts, ideas, and sketches using a wooden stick on specially designed black cardboard pages. The smooth yet slightly abrasive texture of the wooden stick allows users to scratch away the black coating of the cardboard pages, revealing the underlying contrasting color and creating a visually appealing effect. The contrast between the black surface and the colorful scratches adds depth and vibrancy to the user's designs. This versatility makes it suitable for artists, writers, students, and anyone seeking an unconventional medium for self-expression.
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DIY Magical Water Painting Foldable Book DIY Magical Water Painting Foldable Book
DIY Magical Water Painting Foldable Book Rs.1,995.00 Rs.2,550.00
DIY Magical Water Painting Foldable Book Features: Ages 3+ Draw with water Color perception Pattern recognition Excitation potential Logical thinking Hand-eye coordination Foldable design Reusable pages About Product: Interactive Water Painting: Experience the magic of water painting with this DIY Magical Water Painting Foldable Book, providing a mess-free and interactive creative activity for kids. Foldable Design: The book's foldable design enhances portability and storage, making it convenient for kids to bring their magical water painting fun wherever they go. DIY Creativity: Encourage artistic expression as children use water to reveal hidden colors and designs on each page, fostering creativity and imagination. Reusable Pages: The reusable nature of the water painting book allows for endless entertainment, as the pages dry and reset, ready for the next artistic adventure. Educational Elements: Integrate learning into play with the inclusion of educational elements such as numbers, letters, or shapes, adding an enriching aspect to the creative process. Enhanced Fine Motor Skills: The act of painting with water encourages the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in a fun and engaging way. Great Gift Option: The DIY Magical Water Painting Foldable Book makes for an excellent gift for birthdays or special occasions, offering both entertainment and a creative outlet for young minds.

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