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My First E-Book My First E-Book
My First E-Book Rs.2,380.00 Rs.2,850.00
Play four different activities like What’s That Word, Letter Fun, Music Time, and a Find It quiz game to help expand vocabulary by associating words with pictures and sounds. Product Features: Rich Content: The electronic learning book has a variety of topics and playing ways for your kids to develop their cognitive abilities. These contents include the English alphabet, common fruits, vehicle literature, classic nursery rhyme, simple numbers, animal zoo, person title, funny story. High Quality: This learning book is made of eco-friendly and sturdy ABS material, non-toxic, with smooth edges and no burs, so that parents do not need to worry about safety, while children can learn and have fun. Educational Purpose: The reading pen and the learning book develop children's interest in learning, improve listening ability and cognitive ability, facilitate kid's intellectual development, and so on. Meanwhile, the interaction between parents and children improves the communication with the children and facilitate the perfection of the children’s mentality. Great Gift: My English E-Book for Kids learning book has wonderful music and pure English sounds, which is easy to catch your children's ears and attention. It is a nice gift idea for a Birthday or any other suitable occasion. How to Use: There's a start button on each right page, and you need to press the start button by your finger before learning the content in the right page. After that, you can press the figures on the right areas by hands to learn. Product Specifications: Material: Plastic Size: 24 x 25 x 2 cm Power: 3 x AA Batteries (not included) Age: 2 and above
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My English E-Book My English E-Book
My English E-Book Rs.2,152.00 Rs.2,250.00
My English e book. Educational voice book Educational voice book for kid keeps your kid interested while learning. This sound book is printed in attractive colors, ensuring quality vision stimulation For young kids. Buttons corresponding with the pictures enhance the Effectiveness of learning. This sound story book is undoubtedly exceptional for training kids' cognitive skills. Description and details: 1.Size: 230mm high ,180mm wide ,14 mm thick. 2.Message: voice, music, sound in MP3,WAV format etc 3.Sound duration: 3 -250 seconds , or depends on customer. 4.Color: The standard color is orange. 5.How to use: on/off switch, flip over to play ,sound control switch, quiz button, music button. The shape is a book, glossy paper, and each page on the right reads. There are a total of 16 pages with 8 pages on the right that can produce various sounds like the description below. Content: Page 1: Alphabets A - M Page 2: Alphabets N - Z Page 3: Numbers 1 - 10 Page 4: Animals Page 5: Fruits Page 6: Vegetables Page 7: Shape and Colors Page 8: Vehicles What would your kid learn ? Learn to recognize Alphabets letters accompanied by reading English. Learn to recognize numbers. Learn to recognize vehicle names and sounds. Learn to know the names of fruits & vegetables Learn to recognize animal names and sounds. Learn to recognize colors and shapes names. Learn to recognize birds names and sounds. The Best thing is a question feature. The right answer gets the appreciation. Can learn about different products and occupations. Can memorize Times Table. Importance of Fruits and Vegetables and their Sources. Can Learn about different products of same color.
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Y-Pen Smart English Learning E-Book Y-Pen Smart English Learning E-Book
Y-Pen Smart English Learning E-Book Rs.1,795.00 Rs.2,050.00
Y-Pen Smart English Learning E-Book Double sided 12 pages of learning content would prioritize engaging visuals and interactive elements. This includes colorful illustrations, animated characters, and touch-sensitive areas that respond with sounds when touched with pen, enhancing the child's sensory experience and maintaining their interest. The concepts presented should be simple and relatable, covering topics like basic shapes, colors, numbers, and familiar animals. Incorporate audio elements, such as pronunciations of words, animal sounds, and simple melodies. This builds a solid foundation for future learning.

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