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1Pc Duck Shaped Crystal Slime Mud Bottle 1Pc Duck Shaped Crystal Slime Mud Bottle
1Pc Duck Shaped Crystal Slime Mud Bottle Rs.350.00 Rs.550.00
1Pc Duck Shaped Crystal Slime Mud Bottle The texture of the slime is designed to be both entertaining and safe, providing a satisfying sensory playtime. Children can explore concepts such as texture, color mixing, and sensory experiences, fostering cognitive development in a fun and hands-on manner. Parents can engage in creative and educational play with their children, creating a bonding experience while fostering the child's cognitive and social development. The slime comes in a convenient duck-shaped bottle, preventing potential messes and making it easy to store. The transparent nature of the slime allows children to observe color changes and manipulations, enhancing their sensory perception in an engaging manner.
-19% sale
DIY Fidget Slime Magic Potions Bottle
DIY Fidget Slime Magic Potions Bottle Rs.1,995.00 Rs.2,450.00
DIY Fidget Slime Magic Potions Bottle Features: Ages 3+ Fidget slime case Fun slime sensations DIY toy Mix & create Stretch it Creative activity Interactive & engaging Versatile play Color May Vary About Product: Children can mix glitters and create their own customized slime, fostering creativity and imagination as they experiment with different colors and textures. Playing with slime offers a unique sensory experience, providing tactile stimulation and a satisfying sensation as children stretch, squish, and mold the slime. The DIY aspect of creating the slime adds an interactive element to play, allowing children to actively participate in the process and take ownership of their creations. Slime play can have a calming effect on children, providing a sensory outlet for stress relief and promoting relaxation through its tactile properties. The slime-filled bottle doubles as a fidget toy, offering a quiet and portable sensory tool that children can manipulate to help improve focus and attention. Engaging in slime-making activities can be educational as children learn about the properties of different materials and the scientific principles behind slime formation. The slime can be stretched, twisted, and shaped in countless ways, offering endless opportunities for imaginative play and exploration.
-67% sale
Kids Dough Stamp N' Roller Play Set Kids Dough Stamp N' Roller Play Set
Kids Dough Stamp N' Roller Play Set Rs.330.00 Rs.990.00
Kids Dough Stamp N' Roller Play Set Features: Ages 3+ Dough play set Vibrant color option Multi-tools Dough with molds Encourages imaginative play Educational value Mess-free fun Social interaction Versatile play option Safe & Non-toxic Assortment Price For Single Piece! About Product: Designed for ages 3 and up, this play set is perfect for young kids, offering a safe and engaging way to explore their creativity with dough. The set includes various types of dough, providing a soft and malleable material that children can shape, mold, and play with. The dough comes in a variety of bright and vibrant colors, capturing children's attention and making the play experience more exciting and visually stimulating. The set features an array of tools such as stamps and rollers, allowing children to create different shapes and patterns, enhancing their fine motor skills and creativity. Included molds help children easily create specific shapes and designs, fostering their ability to follow instructions and improving their dexterity. By using the dough and tools, children can engage in imaginative play, creating their own scenarios and stories, which is crucial for cognitive development. Playing with the dough set helps children learn about colors, shapes, and textures, providing educational benefits in a fun and interactive manner. The set offers versatile play options, from solo play to group activities, making it a flexible toy that can adapt to different play settings and preferences.

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