SOGO Extension Socket

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SOGO Extension Socket

Rs.3,380.00 Rs.3,595.00 -6% OFF

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Product description

SOGO Extension Socket

  • Versatile Power Solution: The SOGO Extension Socket is a highly convenient and versatile power solution that allows users to expand the number of available electrical outlets. It typically comes with multiple sockets, enabling users to connect and power multiple devices simultaneously from a single power source.
  • Surge Protection: One of the key features of the SOGO Extension Socket is its built-in surge protection. This essential function safeguards connected devices from voltage spikes and fluctuations that can occur due to power surges or lightning strikes. By providing surge protection, the extension socket helps prevent damage to sensitive electronics like computers, televisions, and other valuable equipment.
  • Safety Features: SOGO Extension Sockets are designed with safety in mind. Many models incorporate features like overload protection and thermal cut-off mechanisms. These safety measures automatically shut down the power supply if the total connected load exceeds a safe limit or if the extension socket overheats, preventing potential fire hazards and electrical accidents.
  • Additional Features: Some variants of the SOGO Extension Socket may offer additional features to enhance user convenience. These may include individual power switches for each socket, indicator lights to signify active power, USB charging ports for charging smartphones and other USB devices directly, and even wireless charging capabilities for compatible devices.

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