Marvel Avengers Battle Cube Game - Assortment

Rs.499.00 Rs.980.00 -50% OFF

Marvel Avengers Battle Cube Game - Assortment

Rs.499.00 Rs.980.00 -50% OFF

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Product description

Marvel Avengers Battle Cube Game - Assortment

  • Rock-Paper-Scissor game
  • Marvel Avengers themed fun
  • Sticker customization
  • Compact & Portable design
  • Character May Vary!

About Product:

  • Marvel Avengers Themed Fun: Brings the excitement of the Marvel universe into a playful and interactive format, allowing children to immerse themselves in the world of their favorite superheroes.
  • Innovative Rock-Paper-Scissors Concept: The game introduces an innovative twist to the classic rock-paper-scissors game, incorporating Avengers characters into the decision-making process, adding an extra layer of excitement for young players.
  • Easy-to-Learn Gameplay: The game maintains simplicity in its rock-paper-scissors mechanics, ensuring that even younger children can quickly grasp the rules and enjoy playing without the need for extensive instructions.
  • Social Interaction: Designed for multiplayer engagement, the Avengers Battle Cube Game promotes social interaction among children, fostering communication and friendly competition as they challenge each other with their chosen Avengers characters.
  • Strategic Decision-Making: While straightforward in concept, the game involves strategic decision-making as players select their Avengers characters for each round, introducing an element of tactics and critical thinking.
  • Ideal for Parties and Gatherings: The assortment provides an entertaining and inclusive activity for parties or gatherings, allowing children to bond over their shared love for the Avengers while enjoying a fun and engaging game.

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