Electric Transparent Bubble Blowing Gun With Light & Sound

Rs.1,580.00 Rs.2,050.00 -23% OFF

Electric Transparent Bubble Blowing Gun With Light & Sound

Rs.1,580.00 Rs.2,050.00 -23% OFF

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Product description

Electric Transparent Bubble Blowing Gun With Light & Sound


  • Ages 3+
  • Transparent design
  • Colorful bubbles
  • Light & Sound
  • One touch bubble blowing
  • Easy operation
  • Vibrant & attractive colors
  • Portable & light weight
  • Battery operated
  • Ideal for parties & events

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Bubble Blowing Gun
  • 2 x Bubble Liquid Bottle
  • Color May Vary

About Product:

  • Fascinating Design: The Electric Transparent Bubble Blowing Gun is visually captivating with its transparent design, allowing children to see the mechanism at work as it blows bubbles.

  • Bubble Gun Functionality: This toy combines the fun of bubbles with the excitement of a gun-shaped device, creating an engaging playtime activity.

  • Transparent Construction: The transparent body of the bubble gun adds an element of intrigue, allowing children to observe the bubble-making process and the inner workings of the toy.

  • Light and Sound Effects: With built-in light and sound features, this toy enhances the play experience, providing visual and auditory stimulation for children.

  • Interactive Play: Children can actively engage with the bubble gun by pulling the trigger to produce bubbles while enjoying the accompanying light and sound effects.

  • Encourages Imagination: The combination of bubbles, lights, and sounds sparks creativity and imagination in children, inspiring pretend play scenarios and storytelling.

  • Social Play Opportunities: Sharing the bubble gun with friends or siblings can promote social interaction and cooperation, as children take turns creating bubbles and enjoying the sensory experience together.

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