Educational Lamplight English Learning LED Tablet

Rs.2,495.00 Rs.3,070.00 -19% OFF

Educational Lamplight English Learning LED Tablet

Rs.2,495.00 Rs.3,070.00 -19% OFF

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Product description

Educational Lamplight English Learning LED Tablet


  • Ages 3+
  • Dual functionality
  • Piano learning
  • ABC learning
  • LED screen
  • Touching music
  • Sound function
  • Simulated animal call
  • Language development
  • Engaging content
  • Interactive learning
  • Safe & durable design

About Product:

  • It offers interactive lessons and activities to enhance vocabulary, pronunciation, and comprehension skills.
  • The tablet provides a variety of engaging content, including interactive games, stories, and exercises, making the learning process enjoyable for young children. The use of multimedia elements captures their attention and sustains interest.
  • The tablet focuses on building early literacy skills such as letter recognition, phonics, and basic word formation. These foundational skills are crucial for a child's overall language development.
  • With touch-sensitive features, the tablet allows children to actively participate in the learning process. This interactive approach fosters a hands-on learning experience, promoting better retention and understanding.
  • The LED backlighting not only provides visibility in various lighting conditions but also adds an element of excitement for children. The colorful and illuminated display enhances the visual appeal of the tablet.
  • The English Learning LED Tablet serves as a valuable tool in preparing children for formal education. It introduces them to the English language in a structured and engaging manner, laying the foundation for future academic success.

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