5Pcs DIY Track Electronic Car Puzzle Set

Rs.1,795.00 Rs.2,445.00 -27% OFF

5Pcs DIY Track Electronic Car Puzzle Set

Rs.1,795.00 Rs.2,445.00 -27% OFF

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Product description

5Pcs DIY Track Electronic Car Puzzle Set


  • Ages 3+
  • Rail-car puzzle
  • Interactive DIY experience
  • Educational exploration
  • Electronic car component
  • Creative track configurations
  • Independent play
  • Easy storage

Package Includes:

  • 4 x Track Pieces
  • 1 x Assorted Vehicle
  • Color May Vary

About Product:

  • The assembly of the track and electronic car promotes hands-on learning and creativity.
  • It encourages independent play and allows children to feel a sense of accomplishment as they complete the DIY track.
  • Assembling the track and manipulating the pieces enhances fine motor skills. Children use their fingers to connect and arrange the track components, promoting dexterity and hand-eye coordination.
  • The set introduces basic engineering concepts as children experiment with track configurations. It offers a foundation for understanding how pieces fit together, encouraging problem-solving skills and spatial awareness.
  • The inclusion of an electronic car adds an exciting element to the set. Children can observe how the electronic components work as they attach the car to the track, introducing them to simple circuits and basic principles of electricity.
  • Children can create a variety of track configurations. This fosters creativity as they experiment with different layouts and develop their own imaginative racing scenarios.
  • The set often features colorful track pieces, contributing to color recognition. Additionally, the arrangement of patterns on the track may provide opportunities for pattern recognition, supporting early cognitive development.
  • The electronic car's movement on the track introduces children to cause and effect relationships. They can observe how their track design influences the car's path, offering a basic understanding of physics and motion.

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