25Pcs Pretend Play Beauty Handbag Set For Girls

Rs.3,295.00 Rs.3,985.00 -18% OFF

25Pcs Pretend Play Beauty Handbag Set For Girls

Rs.3,295.00 Rs.3,985.00 -18% OFF

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Product description

25Pcs Pretend Play Beauty Handbag Set For Girls


  • Ages 3+
  • 3in1 functionality
  • Makeup dressing table
  • Modern handbag
  • Mini shoulder bag
  • New experience
  • Interesting interaction
  • Beauty fashion kit
  • Wonderful gift

About Product:

  • Designed for children aged 3 and above, the 25Pcs Pretend Play Beauty Handbag Set offers safe and enjoyable play experiences for young girls.
  • This set features a versatile design with three functions in one, including a makeup dressing table, a modern handbag, and a mini shoulder bag, providing diverse play options for girls to explore.
  • With a makeup dressing table included in the set, girls can pretend to apply makeup, enhancing their imagination and role-playing skills while emulating adult behaviors in a safe and playful environment.
  • The set comes with a stylish modern handbag, allowing girls to carry their beauty accessories and play items conveniently, adding realism to their pretend play scenarios.
  • Additionally, the inclusion of a mini shoulder bag offers another mode of play, enabling girls to accessorize and carry their belongings just like they see adults do, encouraging imaginative and immersive play experiences.
  • Through engaging with this beauty handbag set, girls can immerse themselves in a new and exciting play experience, exploring the world of beauty and fashion in a safe and age-appropriate manner.
  • The set promotes interactive play among children, encouraging sharing, communication, and collaboration as they engage in imaginative scenarios and role-playing activities together.
  • Featuring various beauty accessories and fashion items, such as pretend makeup, hair accessories, and jewelry, the set allows girls to express their creativity and style while experimenting with different looks.
  • Beyond entertainment, the set also promotes developmental skills such as fine motor skills, creativity, social skills, and confidence-building, fostering holistic growth and development in young girls.

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