112LED Solar Energy Induction Wall Lamp

Rs.1,360.00 Rs.1,995.00 -32% OFF

112LED Solar Energy Induction Wall Lamp

Rs.1,360.00 Rs.1,995.00 -32% OFF

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Product description

112LED Solar Energy Induction Wall Lamp


  • Solar powered wall lamp
  • Motion sensor
  • Auto on/off
  • Water proof
  • 3 Lighting mode
  • Advanced motion sensor

About Product:

  • Utilizes advanced motion sensor technology, detecting movement within its range to trigger illumination, enhancing security and safety around the area where it's installed.
  • With a built-in solar panel, this lamp harnesses solar energy during the day to power its operation, making it eco-friendly and cost-effective, while also eliminating the need for external power sources or batteries.
  • Equipped with an automatic on/off feature, the light turns on at dusk when ambient light levels decrease, and switches off at dawn when daylight returns, ensuring hassle-free operation and energy conservation.
  • Designed to withstand outdoor conditions, this solar sensor light lamp boasts a waterproof construction, providing durability and reliability even in inclement weather, such as rain or snow.
  • Suitable for various outdoor locations, this wall lamp can be easily mounted on walls, fences, or other surfaces using the included mounting hardware, offering flexibility in placement options to meet different lighting needs.
  • Some models may feature adjustable settings for sensitivity and illumination duration, allowing users to customize the light's behavior according to specific requirements or preferences.
  • 'By utilizing solar power and only activating in response to detected motion, this lamp offers excellent energy efficiency, helping to reduce electricity consumption and environmental impact compared to traditional lighting solutions.
  • Offering hassle-free installation, automatic operation, and reliable performance, this solar-powered motion sensor wall lamp serves as a convenient and effective outdoor lighting solution for pathways, driveways, gardens, and other outdoor areas.

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