Huanger Drum Kit & Piano Set With Light & Music

Rs.7,495.00 Rs.8,550.00 -13% OFF

Huanger Drum Kit & Piano Set With Light & Music

Rs.7,495.00 Rs.8,550.00 -13% OFF

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Product description

Huanger Drum Kit & Piano Set With Light & Music


  • Ages 18+m
  • Dual functionality
  • Colorful lights
  • Built-in music
  • Educational play
  • Interactive drum play
  • Piano keyboard
  • Adjustable volume
  • Sturdy construction
  • Battery operated
  • Compact & portable
  • Color May Vary
About Product:
  • Offers dual functionality, combining a drum kit and piano in one interactive toy. This versatile feature allows kids to explore different musical elements and instruments in a single playset.
  • The toy is equipped with colorful lights that enhance the visual appeal during play. The lights are synchronized with the music, creating a dynamic and engaging sensory experience for children.
  • With built-in music options, including various melodies and tunes, the Huanger set introduces kids to a variety of sounds. This feature encourages auditory development and a sense of rhythm.
  • The drum kit and piano set is designed to be educational, promoting cognitive development in children. It helps enhance their musical awareness, coordination, and introduces them to basic musical concepts.
  • The drum kit features interactive drum pads that respond to touch. This tactile element allows kids to experiment with different drumming techniques, fostering a hands-on and immersive musical experience.
  • The piano component of the set includes a keyboard with keys that produce distinct musical notes. This introduces children to the concept of melody and allows them to create their own tunes.
  • The compact design of the toy makes it easy to transport, allowing kids to bring their musical fun wherever they go. Its portability ensures that the Huanger set can be enjoyed in different play environments.

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