Remote Control Predator Helicopter

Product Information:

  • RC helicopter that have a gun remote controller, Infrared Sensing, USB Charge and have a light that make the product more interesting.
  • This Remote Control Helicopter fly up to 15 feet
  • The more interesting thing is you can control the helicopter with your palm knee foot or any surface.



  • Fly upto 15 feet
  • Remote Control
  • Infrared Sensing
  • USB Charge
  • Light in Helicopter

Package Details

  •   Helicopter
  • Remote Control Gun
  • USB Wire


  • Must additionally purchase AA batteries: No
  • Battery type: AA


  • Color: Green

What You Must Know

  • Usage: boys
  • Suitable for: 8+ Age


  • Operation time: 0.2 s


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Product Description: 

  • Really Robust Toy: Made of high-quality ,environmentally friendly material, built-in rechargeable battery, light weight and easy to operate. The structure is sturdy and the blades are not easily deformed, so the helicopter will resist the damage when it falls.
  • With LED Light: Cool helicopter design with colorful red-blue flashing LED lights makes the helicopter toy very attractive for kids. Help children develop physical coordination skills through games, help develop children’s intelligence and let kids have a happy experience as a commander.
  • Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor:  The remote control helicopter is small, lightweight and easy to operate. Children can enjoy good time with their friends in the living room, garden, park and other places.
  • Multiple protection: flight protection: When the child opens the rc helicopter, the helicopter will automatically sense the following objects and fly away; anti-collision protection: When the toy hits something, it automatically closes to avoid damage; boot protection: when you turn on the switch, the remote helicopter will delay the flight for 3 seconds to ensure safety; best gift: the helicopter is an ideal toy for your child.


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