Push Pop It Bubble Fidget – Square Shape

Product Description:

    • Multifunctional Toys: By pressing the bubbles, this push pop bubble fidget toy can effectively relieve anxiety and stress, helping restore mood, train the logical thinking and mental arithmetic ability, prevent the brain degeneration and promote the parent-child communication.
    • High Quality: As a decompression toy, the sensory fidget toy is made of high quality silicone material – soft, comfortable, washable, durable, and can be used for decades. The pop it fidget toy is made from safe and non-toxic silicone, will not cause any harm to humans and pets. It can be a gift of Birthday, Christmas and New Year for your family and friends.
    • Comfortable Bubbles: This fidget toy for anxiety is easy to play – press the mouse bubbles, which will make a slight popping sound, then flip it over and start again. The comfortable and soft touch, bright color and pleasant sounds allow you to enjoy the joy of pressing and effectively relieve your stress.
    • Innovative Squeeze Sensory Toy: This popper fidget toy is a unique and novel toy for you to relieve anxiety and stress, suitable for people with autism, the elderly and adults who need to relieve stress. It is portable, so you can play it in your home, cars, parties or any other places with your families or friends.
    • Bigger Pop Fidget Toys: If you like DIY antistress, satisfying, relaxing, and anxiety relief pop-it games, then this Pop It Ludo Challenge is for you. You can enjoy more in every round. The rainbow colors give you a novel look and feel, providing more choices and endless fun.
    • Stress Relief Toys:  This Pop sensory toy is a toy that helps relieve stress. By squeezing our silicone bubble board, you can get spiritual comfort and emotional release. It is suitable for all kinds of people, office decompression, relieves fatigue, parent-child games, autism, elderly.
    • Safety & Hight Quality: This fidget toy is made of high-quality silicone materials, non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly, soft, durable. Popping fidget toys do not cause any harm to humans and pets parents can rest assured, buy for your kids and it can be washed and reused repeatedly and is easy to carry.
    • Easy to operating: Players can press any bubble in any row and they will make a slight popping sound Whoever suppresses the last bubble will be the loser. It exercises the child’s logical thinking and logical reasoning ability, which is very interesting and inspiring.
    • Perfect Gift: Colorful toys with pleasant bubble sounds are the perfect gifts for your kids. It can not only relieve stress but also train children’s basic mathematical knowledge. A perfect toy to get your kids away from TV, electronic games, smartphones. let the children relax! let’s enjoy the charm of the sensory bubble.


  • Size: 6-7 Inches
  • Note : Colour May Vary


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The pushing it bubble sensory fidget toy is made of high-quality. Silicone material with safety tested, and tasteless. It’s soft, comfortable, washable, durable. And it can be repeatedly pressed thousands of times. The sensory bubble toy is safe for kids, the elderly, and adults. These patterns are Novel, Cute, Warm, and Moderate in size. It is very suitable to relieve stress, relieve anxiety, improve concentration, and develop intelligence. It is more Attractive and Professional than other products on the market.

Sometimes you may want your children to calm down or keep their attention for a while. This fidget toy aren’t noisy when “popping” them, so it doesn’t bother people around you, making it perfect for a quiet toy in the car rides, waiting rooms, doctor’s office, during church and appointments. How do you cleverly force your opponent to press the last bubble? It is a simple and clever logic game, the kids not only can have a fun time, but also develop their logical ability, learn to count, learn to strategize and think ahead, provide great learning and sensory fun. Ideal gift for 4 5 6 7 8 9 10+ years old kids for birthday gift, Children’s day gift, or a prize and reward, kids will love it.


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