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Deformation Inertial Power Military Tank

Features :

  • Ages 3+
  • Inertial power tank
  • Deformation combat tank
  • Military tank
  • Robot Machine
  • Hybrid design
  • Sturdy plastic material
  • No need for batteries
  • Enhance the child’s curiosity

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Deformation Inertial Power Military Tank

  • Brings together the robust functionality of a traditional military tank and the advanced features of a cutting-edge robot.
  • This hybrid design allows the tank to seamlessly transition between tank mode and robot mode, enhancing its versatility on the battlefield.
  • When in tank mode, it can traverse rough terrains and provide heavy artillery support.
  • In robot mode, it becomes agile and adaptable, suitable for close-quarter combat and reconnaissance missions.
  • Contribute to a versatile and formidable asset on the modern battlefield.


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