8.5” LCD Writing Tablet

Product Information:

  • Package Includes 1 x 8.5 Inch LCD Writing Tablet – Electronic Drawing Tablet for Kids and Adults at Home, School, and Office with Lock Erase Button
  • Feature: This tablet’s pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface creates lines of different thickness depending on how hard you push, just like paper and pen.
  • Smart Experience: The pressure-sensitive screen makes the writing lines become different in thickness depending on different pressures. It brings you and your baby a lot of inspiration. Easily hit the delete button once to delete everything. Turn on the lock button to avoid accidentally erasing something.
  • Multiple applications: perfect for everyone and everywhere. Recorded at home, drawing, and graphics at school, memo notes at the office, recording recipes in the kitchen, and so on.
  • PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: 8.5 ” 6mm thick screen. This lightweight writing board allows kids to unlock their creativity at any time without dust, dirt, or smudges.
  • Environmentally friendly: made of premium material. No dirt, dust, no mark, no smell during use. Saving paper, saving trees. Equipped with 1 CR2025 button cell, it freely erases up to 300,000times. If the electricity runs out, change it easily without professional instructions.


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Product Description:

  • The pressure-sensitive screen allows you to create thick and thin lines.
  • The tablet will display your notes until you erase them by touching the erase button.
  • Press the erase button once to erase the note immediately.
  • You can practice mehndi and even take notes in schools, colleges, and offices.
  • The tablet is 1/5 inches thin and can be easily carried in a briefcase or backpack. It comes with an erase button and a pen.


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