12-In-1 Intelligence Module Puzzle House


  • BRIGHT AND COLOURFUL – To stimulate your toddler with a cute animal face at the top
  • MULTIPLE WAYS TO PLAY – Use them as counting blocks and for identifying colours. Easy to stack | Fun and safe | Teach Numbers, Letters and Shapes
  • Suitable for Children 12 to 36 Months | Always use with adult supervision.

Game method:

  1. Open the puzzle box, take out the blocks of various shapes, and teach the baby to recognize different shapes and colours.
  2.  Let the baby insert the blocks of various shapes from the corresponding positions of the shaping wheel.
  3. Ability to find the accurate correspondence.


  • Motor skill
  • Mental exercise
  • Observed coordination
  • Communication skills

Educational purposes: Let the baby know different colours and shapes; cultivate the baby’s observation ability and hand-eye coordination ability; let the baby practice in laying, learn to find the one-to-one correspondence.

Expert guidance advice: pay attention to the sensitive period of the child’s details and the sensitive period of the fine movements; let the child’s left and right hands get practice at the same time.


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Product Description:

Little kids love things, bright and colorful. They are easily attracted to them. It helps the kids to develop a sense of vision and touch when they are playing with toys. Kids will enjoy making a high tower in alphabetical order and or numerical order. Made up of quality plastic material.


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