10ml Concentrate Bubble Liquid


  • High-quality concentration: upgraded formula, non-toxic environmental protection and safety formula, using environmentally friendly foaming agent, which can be used safely.
  • Application: various bubble sticks, bubble fans, etc.
  • Water distribution: According to the ratio of 1: 8, 80ml of water can be placed in 1 sachet to produce super foam!
  • Effect: When you want to mix water with large bubbles, put less water, and when you want small bubbles, put more water.
  • Environmental protection type: colorless, odorless, no layering, no precipitation, environmentally friendly bubble concentrate.


  1. Cut the packaging bag and pour the concentrated solution into an empty bottle
  2. Add fresh water in proportion (1:8to 1:16)
  3. Stir well
  4. Installation and use


  • Capacity: 10ml
  • Material: plastic, liquid.


  1. The bubble concentrate is safe and non-toxic, but it isnot edibleand must not come into contact with eyes.
  2. Children should use it under adult supervision.
  3. If itgets into your eyesaccidentally, immediately rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  4. When unpacking with scissors, etc., be careful not to scratch the bagof bubble concentrate.
  5. Thepackaging bags may be differentdue to different production batches, but the capacity and price remain unchanged, thank you for your understanding.


  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • High-quality concentration.


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10ml Concentrate Bubble Liquid is a 1 bag of bubble liquid so you  can add upto 100ML of water into it. Will create thousands of huge, high-flying and long-lasting bubbles. Outdoor family fun: A great birthday event, or a gift for boys and girls of all ages, parents can let their children play in the backyard, park or beach. Teachers can use it for science lessons at school. The bubble liquid is non-toxic, not drinkable, and not in contact with the eyes. 10ml Concentrate Bubble Liquid is not suitable for children aged 33 and under. The packaging color of the bubble supplement liquid is random


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